Little Redheads Across America #2

Last year I was asked to photograph some of the most adorable redheads for a wonderful book all about... you guessed it... redheads! [Click here to learn more about the book and that shoot!] The book has been a huge success and has inspired so many young red-headed children throughout America, and few weeks ago the amazing creator, author, and publisher, Nicole G., had her very first book signing!

Tons of redheads showed up to see the book and even have it signed by some of the "famous" featured redheads! The day was a total blast! Please everyone go check out Little Redheads Across America- it's an absolutely adorable book full of gorgeous photos, fun facts, and interesting info about red hair!

Here are some of my favorite images from the day...

PS- In the blink of an eye it has gone from the end of the May to the end of June- someone please explain!

Little Redheads Across America

A few months back I announced- with great excitement- that I was going to have some of my work published in the book Little Redheads Across America. {click to view website} Well.... the book is finally here! And, it looks amazing!! Feel free to check out the photos that I contributed to this amazing and educational book about little red-headed children below. And be sure to visit the "Lil' Online Shop" and pick up a copy for you or any redhead {young or old!} that you know!

Some Amazing News!

I am super excited to finally share this news... I am going to be published! I have been dying topost about this, but wanted to wait until I was 100% sure [didn't want to jinx it...if you know what I mean].

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the creator and publisher of Little Red Heads Across America [click for more info]. It's a wonderful children's coffee table book about [yes, you guessed it!] little red-headed children throughout America. It's an absolutely adorable book full of gorgeous photos, fun facts, and interesting info about red hair that I never knew. She contacted me and asked me to shoot the COVER SHOT for her book, needless to say I eagerly said yes! I also did a few shots of kids for inside the book too.

After about a month or so of planning, emailing, boarding, and location scouting... we had come to our shoot date. I, along with photographer, Jeni B. from San Diego, met up with about 13 amazing red headed kids for an afternoon of fun, photography, and even a little boat ride around the lake [ok- so the kids enjoyed the boat ride, while Jeni and I talked photo and set up some shots!]

I had an absolutely awesome time... the kids were all adorable and have amazing hair!! A special *THANKS* to my photo assistant too! [yeah Kat!]

Below are a few of my favorite shots from our afternoon together...

this will be the cover!