Good tidings we bring...

As I sit thinking of how to write out everything I really want to say, my mind just keeps jumping back to how quickly this year has gone by! It really does feel like just yesterday that I was posting a very similar Holiday Greeting for 2008. So much has happened this year that has allowed me to grow in incredible ways both personally and professionally! Three weddings [my own included!], a funeral [no really- it's not just a movie- it's my reality], traveling galore, friends with babies on the way [so exciting!], so many wonderful new friends, colleagues, and clients.... the list is endless! I am so thankful for everyone and everything in my life. It is because of you that I am able to do what I love... thank you for continuing to allow me to grow each and every day! With that being said, we here at Cynthia Spivack Photography would like to say that we are....


2010 looks to be just as promising and eventful as 2009. Keep an eye out for awesome promotions, some great new products, and of course amazing photos [which I still have tons from this year to post!]

** Office will be closed December 23rd through January 4th. Every attempt to return emails and calls will be made, but if you do not hear back right away- please be patient...grab a cup of hot chocolate...snuggle up to someone you love...and we'll get back to as soon as possible! Happy Holidays!**

Up and Runnng!

Hello to all!

I am back from the most fabulous wedding and honeymoon anyone could have ever asked for! Getting married is a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, and complete joy. Our wedding went by so fast, it was like a dream...a dream come true!

Our 10+ day trip to St. Lucia was also an amazing experience. It's an incredibly beautiful country and provided for some much needed R&R! :)

Now that we are back, Cynthia Spivack Photography is up and running again and we are looking forward to an incredible 2009 Holiday Season! Stay tuned for some great promotions and free giveaways and of course some much needed posting!

Here's a quick little peak at the paradise we enjoyed while away:

Feeding America

Giving back to our community and helping those less fortunate has always been something I have been passionate about and longed to do. I believe that helping our community not only keeps us grounded but has huge impact on everyone involved. And, now I am super excited to be able to combine my passion for photography with my desires to give back to people in need! I recently contacted Angela, over at Huntley Preschool in West Hollywood, about organizing a food drive at her school and she immediately jumped on-board with my idea! In the spirit of the Holiday Season, we thought it would be great to not only raise food for families and children in need, but thank those families by donating a few family photography sessions, all while teaching her kiddos the importance of working together and supporting their community! All of the food raised will be given to Feeding America and distributed amongst the one million + people struggling with hunger throughout Los Angeles. Our food drive kicks off October 26th -just in time for the Holidays!- and will run through mid-November. I can't wait to share with you photos of the kids helping support our community!

For more information on Feeding America and how you can organize your own food drive, please check out their website by clicking the image below:


Inspired by our project? Interested in organizing a similar fundraiser in your community/local school/organization/etc? It's easy! Simply visit to locate your local Food Bank and access info on how to get started! And feel free to contact me about donating photography sessions as an incentive to get people to donate!

310.614.3060 | | 323.424.3215

A Much Needed Hello and a Temoparay Goodbye!

Things have been a little... ok a lot.... crazy around here- but all for good reason! My fiance and I are getting married this Sunday in Temecula, California. I am so excited [and a little nervous too! so many people all staring at me.. ahh!] that our Big Day has finally arrived! We have been planning and prepping for months [which, unfortunately, has left dear ole' blog a little neglected... sorry!] and I can't wait to see all of our hard work come to a beautiful and happy end :)

Needless to say, poor ole' blog will still remain neglected for just a few more weeks while my husband-to-be and I are exchanging vows and then celebrating in St. Lucia [I can't wait!]. For all of my current clients and potential future clients as well, please feel free to email me while I am away. I will be periodically checking my email!

And, just because posts are no fun without a picture...

Farewell for now!

Beauty in Everyday Life

Sometimes it's the simplest everyday things that make me stop and really appreciate the beauty of life. I had picked up a bunch of tulips last week when I saw them at my local (and favorite!) grocery store (Trader Joe's) and after a few days of passing them by with nothing more than a quick glance- it hit me. These beautiful tulips brought me to one of those rare moments where I literally stopped in my tracks and paused to simply admire their beauty. It's these little things, these simple moments in life, that really keep me going and make me feel completely rejuvenated.

I hope these photographs bring you some serenity and inspiration too!

New Website

I am very proud to announce the launch of my brand new website! It's been a long time in the making and is truly a labor of love. This new website truly represents who I am and the work I love to produce! And, I am beyond thrilled to have an entirely cohesive "brand"! Feel free to check it out at I hope you like my new look!