a birthday + the girls + film | lake cuyamaca , ca

It started as a surprise. A birthday extravaganza if you will. One of my very best friends and I wanted to surprise our other bestie with a birthday to remember! We started the planning and plotting last year and not long after we had nothing short of the perfectly planned best girls weekend. Ever. We took care of all the details. Travel arrangements. Food. Activities. Everything. We planned a trip out  to Lake Cuyamaca just outside of Julian, Ca. If you're not familiar with Julian it's known for it's many apple orchards and "world's best apple pie". Trust me when I say the orchards are adorable and on a crisp autumn day during prime apple-picking season you can smell the apple pies from miles away. And yes,they are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. We drove out on a friday night. Departing much later than intended [hey don't judge- getting 5 girls together to leave on time is bear impossible for anyone!] and our gridlocked drive was full of music, laughter, and lots of talking. When we finally arrived our "cabin/condo" was a welcoming site greeting us with comfy beds and fireplace just begging to be used! We lit a fire and enjoyed the clear sky full of stars and the fresh, chilly air outside.

The next day was full of adventure! A fishing lesson. A trip into Julian. And the worlds most interesting geocaching experience. Ever. I'm talking path becoming lake becoming cold mushy socks and shoes. But it was all worth it! We had a blast. Made our friends birthday one to remember. And I, well... I soaked up every inch of photo opportunity that I could find! I of course brought my baby- my big 'ol digital camera. But this weekend was when I got to break in my most favorite new purchase in a long time. My Diana F+.  This cute little plastic toy camera makes my heart skip! Why? Two reasons: it's pretty + it shoots film.

That's right. FILM. There is just something about film that I am totally in love with. The look. The waiting. The colors. The surprise. Mix that with the medium format, overly simplistic nature that is the Diana camera and... Swoon...It's amazing! This first round of photos is all shot on film. It was definitely a re-learning process [I haven't loaded film in years. Let alone medium format film-ever.] but I love the results. Light leaks and all.

These make me smile. From ear to ear to be exact!

Up and Runnng!

Hello to all!

I am back from the most fabulous wedding and honeymoon anyone could have ever asked for! Getting married is a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, and complete joy. Our wedding went by so fast, it was like a dream...a dream come true!

Our 10+ day trip to St. Lucia was also an amazing experience. It's an incredibly beautiful country and provided for some much needed R&R! :)

Now that we are back, Cynthia Spivack Photography is up and running again and we are looking forward to an incredible 2009 Holiday Season! Stay tuned for some great promotions and free giveaways and of course some much needed posting!

Here's a quick little peak at the paradise we enjoyed while away:

Beauty in Everyday Life

Sometimes it's the simplest everyday things that make me stop and really appreciate the beauty of life. I had picked up a bunch of tulips last week when I saw them at my local (and favorite!) grocery store (Trader Joe's) and after a few days of passing them by with nothing more than a quick glance- it hit me. These beautiful tulips brought me to one of those rare moments where I literally stopped in my tracks and paused to simply admire their beauty. It's these little things, these simple moments in life, that really keep me going and make me feel completely rejuvenated.

I hope these photographs bring you some serenity and inspiration too!

Serene. Beautiful. Inspiring.

To sum it up.... North Carolina.

For the Fourth of July Holiday, we headed east to my father's home in the mountains of North Carolina! This has been a place my family and I have had the fortune of having for about 10 years now... and I have always enjoyed vacationing there, smelling the 100% FRESH air, and taking in all that nature has to offer. But, ever since I have "grown up" and left the east coast-it's not a place I have been able to retreat to as often... yet, I think this has allowed me to truly see and appreciate everything about this magical place {even down to the tiniest blade of grass}.

My father and I have committed to making a summer outing an official "Spivack Tradition" and I am adamant that it be so. My trips out there seem to renew that "nature-girl" spirit in me, relieves any and all stresses, and awakens a deeper sense of creativity and peacefulness within me. I cannot wait until next summer {minus the long travel requirements!!}

Here are a few of my favorite images from my recent trip...

A Far Away Place...

This past weekend some friends and I went out to Julian, CA to get a glimpse of Fall (it actually does exist outside of LA~ can you believe it?!). We went Apple Picking! It's something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl and it was perfect~ just like I had imagined it would be! The cold crisp air, the gray overcast sky, it even started to rain while we were out in the orchard! Of course, I brought my camera with me (how could I not?). It was amazing to finally be fulfilling a childhood dream and I got to document the whole thing too! It was an absolutely great experience...and the homemade apple croustades 'aint so bad either!

Here's a few of my favorite shots (there's more to come)...

it was so beautiful!

Out and About...

A few weekends ago, we had some family come into town to visit~ and we had such a blast with them! I think we went EVERYWHERE we could possibly go and did EVERYTHING we could possibly do, all squeezed into the four short days they were here! Of course, I had my camera by my side at all times!

Here's a few of my favorite shots from throughout our "Tour de LA"~

5a beautiful and modern architectural sun dial at the Getty Museum

Beech Fun!

Back in May we went to visit my father in Beech Mountain, NC at his vacation home. It had been years since I had been there, and I went a little, shall we, "snap happy"?! I just couldn't believe all the natural beauty that surrounded me and I didn't want to forget a second of it. It was such an amazing trip~ being back in a place from my childhood, smelling the fresh air, and of course spending all that time with my dad, boyfriend, and of course Miss Jessie (aka: the dog)!

Ever since our trip, I have gotten a weekly call asking how I am doing (of course) and "where's the pics from NC?!" Well, I have finally had a chance to sit down and relive all of the fun and memories through my photographs.

Here's to you Dad:

Man and Dog! (or Dad and Jessie.. whichever you prefer!)

Magical Malibu!

This past Sunday I went on a wonderful hike with my most favorite person!! We drove along beautiful PCH and when we stepped out of the car, we were greeted with wonderful FRESH air (something thats not so common living in LA) and spectacular views! We even got to see a 150ft waterfall, well more of a 150ft moist rocky mountain-side... still, I can't wait to revisit the Santa Monica Mountains and explore everything else they have to offer!

Here's some of my favs...

26.2 miles later.....

On June 3rd, 2007 I ran my very first marathon! Along with some VERY close friends, we made the trip to San Diego and ALL crossed the finish line!!! This was possibly one of the most amazing experiences and I can't wait to do it again!

Perhaps an even more exciting part of our trip was my excursion to La Jolla Cove. It is such a quaint little "sea town" with some spectacular scenery. Here are some of my favs from this wonderful spot~