2017 Holiday Mini Sessions | Los Angeles Holiday Mini Sessions

You Guys!! I can't believe I'm saying this, but... The 2017 Holiday Season is fast approaching and that means Holiday Photo Sessions are here!

This year, I am pleased to announce, that I will be offering MINI SESSIONS for the first time ever!

Mini Sessions are a great way to capture a totally adorable holiday card photo of course (plus custom cards to send all those holiday wishes), but also a chance to slow down from the craziness of the season, spend quality time with your family and create some amazing memories & gifts you will cherish as the years go by. 

Here are the details:

Click the image above to book/view available dates, times and locations.

lions, monsters, & april fools | los angeles baby photography

It's April 1st 2011. April Fools Day. A day of pranks, jokes, and all things silly and tricky! To be quite honest... April 1st has always made me a little apprehensive. Probably because I am quite possibly one of the most gullible, clumsy, and easily frightened  people on the planet. It's true. For example- my husband, after nearly 10years together, continues to jump out from behind every corner possible while "rawring" at me in a scary monster growl with his hand bent up claws. And even though I know it's coming... I still jump back and gasp in fear. After I recompose myself from the initial heartbeat-skipping scare... we both laugh as I tell him how to never do that to me again [which , let's be honest, we both know he still will.]. Another example that took place today- While video chatting with my father this morning, he informed me [in an urgent tone] that he received a phone call earlier from someone by the name "Lions", looking to speak with me. Now, I feel it necessary to explain that not only I have I not lived my parents in over 10 years, but I no longer live in South Florida either. Anyways, he wouldnt tell my dad what his call was in regards to, but instead gave him a phone number and asked that I call him back. So I took down the number. I couldnt get over how weird and "suspicious" this all seemed, so as I was about to pick up the phone and call... it dawned on me. "THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS TRICK ISN'T IT?!?!" I exclaimed! My father's immediate burt of intense laughter led me to believe I was right. It had happened again. I was fooled. But I must say... dad did good this year. The number he gave me was to the Miami Metropolitan Zoo. Get it?!  Zoo... Mister "Lions". Hysterical.

Here's to wishing everyone a very Happy April 1st + Happy April Fools Day!

And just because posts are no fun without a picture or two... These six images of this adorable little guy were printed on canvas and hung just as they are shown below. His parents love him so so much and wanted to remember all the little details and important info about their newborn baby boy so we designed the outside edge of the canvas so that each one displayed a different fact about him at birth [name, weight, height, etc.]. It came out even better than I imagined and is simply stunning on their wall!




Dad | Father's Day 2010

He uses words like "iota" and "m.o." [and then proceeds to explain that m.o. is actually "modus operandi", approximately translated into "method of operation"].  He calls on a daily a basis just to say hello. He leaves funny voicemail messages with silly questions that really have no answer.... like "If a word was misspelled in the dictionary...how would we know?" He has always been there for me and always will be. He is my friend and my father. And, although I can't be with him this Father's Day, he knows that I love him and that my heart and my thoughts are with him today as they are every day.

this photo seriously makes me smile! it's such a great shot of my dad and it was taken at my wedding last september! thanks eric for this photo!

And to celebrate all of the wonderful Father's out there- enjoy this day as we recognize you for all of your love, support, hard work, and devotion that you give each and every day! Some of my favorite "dad shots" from 2010:

Holiday Happiness | Los Angeles

These two siblings were so much fun to photograph... They are so full of life and they absolutely love to be silly! We actually combined their session with their good friends, whom I have been photographing for three years now [thanks R Family for the referral!], so it really was more like a "play date" than a photo session- which is really what made it so much fun! I'll post a few of the R Family in a later post, but for now here are few of my favorites from my time with these adorable kiddos... the first one is the prefect example of just how silly these two can be!


these next two are the rare moments caught in between all the silliness and I completely love them!



A Perfect Start!

I always love delivering all the fabulous goodies my clients order when they are ready. The expression on their faces and joy in their hearts when they see their images just makes my heart sing! It's what makes my job so amazing and so fulfilling ...and today was no exception! When I delivered "T's" order this morning she nearly cried! She was so excited to see me when I arrived and was completely smitten with everything! And, with a model this adorable it's easy to see why...





Today has been a perfect start to 2010! Yes, it is already the 5th.. but it's only day two back at the office so it still counts [at least I think so anyways!]. I know this is only the start to a perfectly amazing year ahead!

Good tidings we bring...

As I sit thinking of how to write out everything I really want to say, my mind just keeps jumping back to how quickly this year has gone by! It really does feel like just yesterday that I was posting a very similar Holiday Greeting for 2008. So much has happened this year that has allowed me to grow in incredible ways both personally and professionally! Three weddings [my own included!], a funeral [no really- it's not just a movie- it's my reality], traveling galore, friends with babies on the way [so exciting!], so many wonderful new friends, colleagues, and clients.... the list is endless! I am so thankful for everyone and everything in my life. It is because of you that I am able to do what I love... thank you for continuing to allow me to grow each and every day! With that being said, we here at Cynthia Spivack Photography would like to say that we are....


2010 looks to be just as promising and eventful as 2009. Keep an eye out for awesome promotions, some great new products, and of course amazing photos [which I still have tons from this year to post!]

** Office will be closed December 23rd through January 4th. Every attempt to return emails and calls will be made, but if you do not hear back right away- please be patient...grab a cup of hot chocolate...snuggle up to someone you love...and we'll get back to as soon as possible! Happy Holidays!**

Three's Company

These three kiddos crack me up every time I see them! I had the pleasure of photographing them again this year and they are so laid back, a complete blast to photograph, and an absolute riot! I have to admit- I was a little nervous that the age difference between everyone [one teenager, an 11 year old, and  5 year old!] might make the interaction dynamic a bit challenging to work with... boy was I wrong! These three are so connected to each other and absolutely love to hang out together- just check out the last image!




Holiday Photo Session Special + Free Gift!

The 2009 Holiday Season is upon us and Cynthia Spivack Photography is now scheduling Holiday Portrait Sessions for 2009!

To book a session or ask any question please don't hesitate to contact me. office: 323.424.3215 | cell: 310.614.3060 | cynthia@cynthiaspivack.com

Also, be sure to sure to check out my website and the 2009 Holiday Deadlines!

Experience the joy and ease of custom gifts and cards with Cynthia Spivack Photography!

Feeding America

Giving back to our community and helping those less fortunate has always been something I have been passionate about and longed to do. I believe that helping our community not only keeps us grounded but has huge impact on everyone involved. And, now I am super excited to be able to combine my passion for photography with my desires to give back to people in need! I recently contacted Angela, over at Huntley Preschool in West Hollywood, about organizing a food drive at her school and she immediately jumped on-board with my idea! In the spirit of the Holiday Season, we thought it would be great to not only raise food for families and children in need, but thank those families by donating a few family photography sessions, all while teaching her kiddos the importance of working together and supporting their community! All of the food raised will be given to Feeding America and distributed amongst the one million + people struggling with hunger throughout Los Angeles. Our food drive kicks off October 26th -just in time for the Holidays!- and will run through mid-November. I can't wait to share with you photos of the kids helping support our community!

For more information on Feeding America and how you can organize your own food drive, please check out their website by clicking the image below:


Inspired by our project? Interested in organizing a similar fundraiser in your community/local school/organization/etc? It's easy! Simply visit www.feedingamerica.org to locate your local Food Bank and access info on how to get started! And feel free to contact me about donating photography sessions as an incentive to get people to donate!

310.614.3060 | cynthia@cynthiaspivack.com | 323.424.3215

Oldies But Goodies... Part 3

Looking back at these photos puts a huge smile on my face! The 'K' Family is absolutely a joy to photograph and be around! I had such a blast photographing them again this past holiday season- and I am so looking forward to their holiday photos fro 2009! (I think there might even be some homemade chocolate chip cookies involved this time around!) Thanks again 'K' Family...

Oldies... but Goodies!

Ever since Thanksgiving {that's right I said THANKSGIVING} life has been non-stop! And, believe me- I wouldn't have it any other way! I just love writing extensive to-do lists and being able to cross off each line as I finish task after task... ahhhh. So fulfilling! Don't get me wrong though, my list is still flowing out the door {lol!}, but I have definitely made a noticeable dent! {who ever said planing a wedding and running a business or two is easy- we need to talk!}

Anyways, I have been meaning to post quite a few favorites from last Holiday season so the next few posts will be just that. I hope you enjoy!

These two make the most adorable sugar-plum fairies!

and one with their beautiful mom!

What I Am Thankful For... part 2

I am thankful for... getting back to blogging!!

After Thanksgiving, I found myself scheduled down to the minute- which I LOVE! I find that, the busier I am the happier, more inspired, and more focused I am too. Kind of funny... but that's just what works for me I guess!

So once again, thank you to all of my wonderful clients- old and new! You all inspire me and keep me going, and make me aware of how blessed I am to do what I love... capturing amazing moments to cherish forever.

What I Am Thankful For...

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, {I honestly cannot believe it!} I have started to think about all of the things I am thankful for... really I am thankful for so many things!! But to list just a few:

1. The amazing families I have had the fortune of working with
2. Family
3. Good friends
4. It's finally starting to feel like fall in LA
and... {this may be the best one yet!!}
5. Being engaged!
I know, a totally "girlie" moment, but I just had to share!

Now, back to business- I can also *thankfully* say I am somewhat caught-up and am finally able to post some of my favorite images from recent sessions {part 1. stay tuned for part 2}! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. And, for those of you traveling- have a safe and pleasant trip!

Oh..How we love our Dads!

Can you believe it's already the middle of April?! This year seems to be flying by- it's going to be Father's Day before we know it! Now... I know Mother's Day is before Father's Day, and it is just as important... but apparently the entire month of March happened without me noticing! Find UK Solicitors

We all love our Dads dearly, so let's take some time to show Dad just how special he is! Give him a gift that will last a lifetime- pictures which he will cherish forever!