Dad | Father's Day 2010

He uses words like "iota" and "m.o." [and then proceeds to explain that m.o. is actually "modus operandi", approximately translated into "method of operation"].  He calls on a daily a basis just to say hello. He leaves funny voicemail messages with silly questions that really have no answer.... like "If a word was misspelled in the would we know?" He has always been there for me and always will be. He is my friend and my father. And, although I can't be with him this Father's Day, he knows that I love him and that my heart and my thoughts are with him today as they are every day.

this photo seriously makes me smile! it's such a great shot of my dad and it was taken at my wedding last september! thanks eric for this photo!

And to celebrate all of the wonderful Father's out there- enjoy this day as we recognize you for all of your love, support, hard work, and devotion that you give each and every day! Some of my favorite "dad shots" from 2010:

A Family to Celebrate

I was so honored to photograph such a special day in this family's life! They were celebrating their beautiful mother's birthday and her journey throughout the years. So many friends and family came out to celebrate, including her best friend of over 50 years and her incredible mahjong playing pals...I could instantly feel the love they all shared for the guest of honor, "Mrs. C", and for each other! {Seeing how much each of the relationships mean to everyone involved made me feel so completely blessed to also have such special friends and relationships in my life as well!}

Here are some favorite images of the Guest of Honor and her daughter {one of three!} and adorable little boy!

so much love!!

some more of the grand kids in the background... i think we're "driving to Disneyland" here!

Spring Cleaning

I never really understood the whole concept of "spring cleaning"... until this year.

I have gone complete Spring Cleaning crazy! I am cleaning out every aspect of my life- my home, my office, my closet, my refrigerator... well you get the idea.

Anyway, as I was cleaning out my hard drives (and archiving everything- I promise!) I came across these images of my fabulous friend and up and coming vocalist, Elena Mitrano.

We took these photos for Elena to use as some of her promotional posters and artwork. We had a blast taking them and I just LOVE the colors!

The sun is SO pretty here- I can't wait until summer!

Girls Day Out!

These are long overdue to make an appearance on my blog- but finally here they are! I had an absolute blast photographing these amazing gals. They are all so beautiful and full of life~ and quite a riot too! Here's a few of my favs...