a birthday + the girls + film | lake cuyamaca , ca

It started as a surprise. A birthday extravaganza if you will. One of my very best friends and I wanted to surprise our other bestie with a birthday to remember! We started the planning and plotting last year and not long after we had nothing short of the perfectly planned best girls weekend. Ever. We took care of all the details. Travel arrangements. Food. Activities. Everything. We planned a trip out  to Lake Cuyamaca just outside of Julian, Ca. If you're not familiar with Julian it's known for it's many apple orchards and "world's best apple pie". Trust me when I say the orchards are adorable and on a crisp autumn day during prime apple-picking season you can smell the apple pies from miles away. And yes,they are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. We drove out on a friday night. Departing much later than intended [hey don't judge- getting 5 girls together to leave on time is bear impossible for anyone!] and our gridlocked drive was full of music, laughter, and lots of talking. When we finally arrived our "cabin/condo" was a welcoming site greeting us with comfy beds and fireplace just begging to be used! We lit a fire and enjoyed the clear sky full of stars and the fresh, chilly air outside.

The next day was full of adventure! A fishing lesson. A trip into Julian. And the worlds most interesting geocaching experience. Ever. I'm talking path becoming lake becoming cold mushy socks and shoes. But it was all worth it! We had a blast. Made our friends birthday one to remember. And I, well... I soaked up every inch of photo opportunity that I could find! I of course brought my baby- my big 'ol digital camera. But this weekend was when I got to break in my most favorite new purchase in a long time. My Diana F+.  This cute little plastic toy camera makes my heart skip! Why? Two reasons: it's pretty + it shoots film.

That's right. FILM. There is just something about film that I am totally in love with. The look. The waiting. The colors. The surprise. Mix that with the medium format, overly simplistic nature that is the Diana camera and... Swoon...It's amazing! This first round of photos is all shot on film. It was definitely a re-learning process [I haven't loaded film in years. Let alone medium format film-ever.] but I love the results. Light leaks and all.

These make me smile. From ear to ear to be exact!