"Exceptional Care For Exceptional Families" | WestSide Nannies

Your family is your life. How you care for them is your top priority. Everything they eat. Every activity they are involved in. Every friend they make... you take the utmost care and only want the best. The same goes for who you trust to care for your family when you can't. Enter WestSide Nannies! No, this is not a paid endorsment... but it's one of the best resources for families looking for qualified childcare I have seen in a long time! As the premier placement agency in Beverly Hills, WestSide Nannies prides itself in providing professionals of the highest caliber to all of their families. Not only are they known for having the highest standards in the industry, but they recognize that nannies play an integral role in your children’s lives. Their outlook and dedication to finding the right nanny for the right family is only surpassed by the founder/owner [and dear friend] Katie Vaughan. Katie is one of the nicest, most honest, hardworking people I have ever known. And it completely shows...

WestSide Nannies has been showcased on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Chelsea Lately, Dr. Phil and Inside Edition as well as featured in The Los Angeles Times, inTouch Weekly and The Los Angeles Daily News for their work finding nannies for high profile and celebrity families. With a track record like that and requirements like college education, years of experience and impeccable references you know you can trust that your family will be in the hands of only the most qualified nannies in the industry!

So go ahead, check out their website, give them a call, and see for yourself just how amazing they truly are!

And now, when you hire a nanny through WestSide Nannies, let Katie know you found them through us and we'll give you a gift certificate for a free photo session- thats how much we believe in WestSideNannies!