"Humming" Along!

For weeks now I have been dying to get a shot of this little guy! Here's the back-story:

One of the trees at my boss's house has recently been made a home to a mother hummingbird. She made a nest and laid her eggs, and had two little baby hummingbirds. Both babies have gotten too big for the tiny nest, and have begun to "fly". One of the babies seems to have flown to a new tree, but this little guy hasn't quite worked out all the kinks!

Today, we had the amazing opportunity to hold and and feed this cute little hummingbird- poor little guy can't fend for himself yet! Thank goodness there was a camera near by...then again, working for (and being) a photographer, when isn't there a camera near by?!

Here's some shots of this amazing bird... and some of my favorite kids too!

5Photo by the fabulous NMM!