A Much Needed Hello and a Temoparay Goodbye!

Things have been a little... ok a lot.... crazy around here- but all for good reason! My fiance and I are getting married this Sunday in Temecula, California. I am so excited [and a little nervous too! so many people all staring at me.. ahh!] that our Big Day has finally arrived! We have been planning and prepping for months [which, unfortunately, has left dear ole' blog a little neglected... sorry!] and I can't wait to see all of our hard work come to a beautiful and happy end :)

Needless to say, poor ole' blog will still remain neglected for just a few more weeks while my husband-to-be and I are exchanging vows and then celebrating in St. Lucia [I can't wait!]. For all of my current clients and potential future clients as well, please feel free to email me while I am away. I will be periodically checking my email!

And, just because posts are no fun without a picture...

Farewell for now!