What I Am Thankful For...

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, {I honestly cannot believe it!} I have started to think about all of the things I am thankful for... really I am thankful for so many things!! But to list just a few:

1. The amazing families I have had the fortune of working with
2. Family
3. Good friends
4. It's finally starting to feel like fall in LA
and... {this may be the best one yet!!}
5. Being engaged!
I know, a totally "girlie" moment, but I just had to share!

Now, back to business- I can also *thankfully* say I am somewhat caught-up and am finally able to post some of my favorite images from recent sessions {part 1. stay tuned for part 2}! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. And, for those of you traveling- have a safe and pleasant trip!