smiling on the inside | santa monica family photography

This past Saturday I headed to the Santa Monica Pier with my hubby, Armando, for a late afternoon get together/photo shoot with friends of ours and their adorable little daughter! I had been looking forward to this shoot for a few weeks now... dreaming of all the yummy light that I could play with as we captured some photos. But as we got closer and closer to the beach, the skies got gray-er and gray-er [is that even a word?!]. My heart sank... but just for a little bit. The skies actually reminded me of my last session down at the Pier that had some very similar weather.  So I smiled. On the inside. And then I realized I never blogged that session! In fact, I haven't blogged many sessions! While the photos from this past Saturday are not quite ready, I am glad to finally be posting these... The photos from the session that made me smile. relax. and realize that a gray, sunless, fogged filled afternoon shoot at the beach can be just as beautiful!