Serene. Beautiful. Inspiring.

To sum it up.... North Carolina.

For the Fourth of July Holiday, we headed east to my father's home in the mountains of North Carolina! This has been a place my family and I have had the fortune of having for about 10 years now... and I have always enjoyed vacationing there, smelling the 100% FRESH air, and taking in all that nature has to offer. But, ever since I have "grown up" and left the east coast-it's not a place I have been able to retreat to as often... yet, I think this has allowed me to truly see and appreciate everything about this magical place {even down to the tiniest blade of grass}.

My father and I have committed to making a summer outing an official "Spivack Tradition" and I am adamant that it be so. My trips out there seem to renew that "nature-girl" spirit in me, relieves any and all stresses, and awakens a deeper sense of creativity and peacefulness within me. I cannot wait until next summer {minus the long travel requirements!!}

Here are a few of my favorite images from my recent trip...