a reason to pause | Los Angeles Fine Art Photography

The past two months have been completely amazing to me! I have been busier than ever and although I am loving every second of it, it has left little time for blogging. It's true. I'm a bad blogger. In fact... it's really an understatement. But hey, the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting it, right?! At least in my head it is. With that being said, you would think I would be posting pictures from some of my super adorable shoots... but instead, I am taking the time to post some images of something that literally made me stop in my tracks. breathe. smile. and reflect on just how completely blessed I am.

Every Spring when my favorite grocery stores and local farmer's markets get the most gorgeous supply of fresh daffodils, I just have to buy a bunch [or two or three] and spread them throughout my home and office. They are so bright and vibrant... the minute I see them an instant feeling of happiness, rejuvenation, and inspiration comes over me. One day, as I was walking past our bedroom I peeked inside and caught a glimpse of cheery, glowing yellow and it made me pause. just for a moment. because then i ran to grab my camera so I could capture the feeling of happiness and warmth that these simple, spring-time daffodils give me...

Now... whenever I want to slow down for a moment. smile. and be inspired- I look at these images. They remind me pause. and appreciate everything life has given me.