Baby "B"!

A quick post before I head out on vacay for about a week!! {Hooray! NC here I come!} And, like usual, I am catching up again....

Before I shot the "Little Red Heads" {see previous post}I had a beautiful sunset session in Malibu. I seriously could do sessions like these everyday! First of all, the drive along the PCH is enough to melt all your stress away~ the blue ocean, they warm golden light filtering through the soft mist as it hovers along the coast, the amber rock walls speckled with green brush.... Ahhhhhh! Heaven!

Then, I slowly climbed up the two lane canyon road... trying to take in every last ounce of beauty without steering my massive pathfinder off the road. Photobucket I make it to my destination and a sense of serenity has completely engulfed me {it's hard for me to realize that I am still -somewhat- in L.A.} And as if this wasn't enough... the home that was standing before me was just perfect! So quaint and welcoming, so colorful and eclectic inside, and the little baby- so adorable and sweet! His smile was just infectious!

We start to shoot a few indoors, then head out to their backyard. {Now pay attention... this is where it gets good!!} As we are shooting outside, two horses coming grazing down the hill into their yard! I was awestruck! The dad quickly ran inside and grabbed some yummy snacks for them and fed them right from his hand {he assured me that this was quite common too}! Absolutely magical!

Now, it's not that I have never seen nor fed a horse... but its always been at stables or while I was riding. But, to have two horses just come wandering into my yard on a daily basis would be a dream come true for me!

The session, needless to say, was amazing. Little Baby B and his mom were just great! Very sweet and up for just about anything! Here are some of my favorites from our sensational session....