Hello There!

<cough! cough>

Excuse me, while I wipe away all the dust that's accumulated on this blog over the past... oh, I don't know... 5 years <yikes!!!> Yeah, just reading that makes me shiver. But the reason for the silence... ok, ok- disappearance... is one that I do not regret. I became a mom!

In May 2012, I gave birth to our daughter, Penelope. As a first time mom, I wanted to spend every second with her. I didn't want to miss a single giggle, stumble or smile. So I took some time away from the studio and I fell in love with my new role as "Mom". So much so, that in 2015 we welcomed our son, Ori, into our family. And it was no different with him. I wanted to be there to see his face when he took his first taste of solid food (butternut squash- and no, not a fan), laughed at his sisters' silly antics for the very first time and took his first wobbly steps. 

I'm SO grateful that I have been able to take this time and be with my kiddos during these early, fleeting years. And, while I'm still loving my job as "Mom", I've also missed photographing so many wonderful families and creating art that will be passed down for generations. 

So, now, after 5 awesome years- I'm ready to be "Mom" and "Artist". I'm ready to welcome that balance into my life and can't wait to show you how being a Mom has also opened up a whole new perspective of artistry and creativity for me. I want everything to reflect this new perspective and creative vision- so I invite you to view my new website! It's been a huge labor of love and devotion, and its truly been feeding my soul- being able to create something that not only makes me smile but that I'm extremely proud of. I'm honored that you're here to take a look, and I'm happy to be back!

- Cynthia

* my two little munchkins happen to be featured above- Penny (far left) was about 6mo and Ori (far right) was around 1mo. Time sure does fly!