Throughout my life, the range of emotions that a single photograph can create has always fascinated me. It has the ability to make us smile...make us laugh...and sometimes, even make us cry. A single photograph can fill our hearts and our minds, and allow us to hold onto yesterday~ forever.

I believe the art of photography to be just that~ an art. My passion is creating memories of your children and family for you to cherish as the years go by.

Growing up, I was always that child who had to be in the spot light. “All eyes on me!” I spent my entire adolescence studying music and theatre, with dreams of one day being on that big screen. As I grew up and went off to college, my dreams began to transform and I found myself wanting to be behind the camera more often than in front of it. After graduating Columbia College Chicago with my degree in photography, I assisted children’s photographer Nicole Thomas as well as acclaimed commercial photographer Susan Kinast. While working with these two amazingly talented women, I realized that my passion for photography and adoration of children could be combined to create a meaningful and fulfilling career.


                                                                                                                                                             I have been photographing ever since~