photo courtesy Katie Jackson

meet cynthia


The range of emotions that a single photograph can create has always fascinated me. It has the ability to make us smile. Make us laugh. And sometimes, even make us cry. A single photograph can fill our hearts and our minds, and allow us to hold onto yesterday- forever.

It is this fascination with cherished and tangible memories that led me to pick up a camera at quite a young age.  And, while I am formally trained in the art and have worked with renowned, internationally published and recognized photographers, those things aren’t of the greatest importance to me… 

What is truly important is that you know how much I love what I do. How I see time slow down before my eyes when I look at my children. How, when I look through my lens at your children during our session, I see a story unfolding- your story. I cherish how I can capture little moments that sum up exactly who you are and how you connect with each other as a family. My passion continues when I then take those moments and present them to you as tangible memories to relive over and over again.

My approach to photography combines the beauty of fine art with the energy, innocence and realness of people. My goal with every session is to allow you to relax and have fun, while I capture the beauty that is your family. Together we will create beautiful, tangible memories for your family to cherish- forever.