A Perfect Start!

I always love delivering all the fabulous goodies my clients order when they are ready. The expression on their faces and joy in their hearts when they see their images just makes my heart sing! It’s what makes my job so amazing and so fulfilling …and today was no exception!

When I delivered “T’s” order this morning she nearly cried! She was so excited to see me when I arrived and was completely smitten with everything! And, with a model this adorable it’s easy to see why…





Today has been a perfect start to 2010! Yes, it is already the 5th.. but it’s only day two back at the office so it still counts [at least I think so anyways!]. I know this is only the start to a perfectly amazing year ahead!

January 6, 2010 - 4:37 pm

Catalina Ayubi - OMG… precious! Awesome pictures! No wonder she was so emotional when she saw them. When I have a baby, I want pictures like these!

January 6, 2010 - 8:27 am

Marc - These pictures are amazing. They evoke real emotion.

Good tidings we bring…

As I sit thinking of how to write out everything I really want to say, my mind just keeps jumping back to how quickly this year has gone by! It really does feel like just yesterday that I was posting a very similar Holiday Greeting for 2008. So much has happened this year that has allowed me to grow in incredible ways both personally and professionally! Three weddings [my own included!], a funeral [no really- it’s not just a movie- it’s my reality], traveling galore, friends with babies on the way [so exciting!], so many wonderful new friends, colleagues, and clients…. the list is endless! I am so thankful for everyone and everything in my life. It is because of you that I am able to do what I love… thank you for continuing to allow me to grow each and every day!

With that being said, we here at Cynthia Spivack Photography would like to say that we are….


2010 looks to be just as promising and eventful as 2009. Keep an eye out for awesome promotions, some great new products, and of course amazing photos [which I still have tons from this year to post!]

** Office will be closed December 23rd through January 4th. Every attempt to return emails and calls will be made, but if you do not hear back right away- please be patient…grab a cup of hot chocolate…snuggle up to someone you loveand we’ll get back to as soon as possible! Happy Holidays!**

October 25, 2010 - 10:14 pm

sarah oreilly - Insterested in holiday baby portrait. Do you have any sessions or mini-sessions planned?

‘Sunsational’ Sunset | Rancho Palos Verdes

It’s two weeks until Christmas. One week until Hannukah. [how lucky am I… I get to celebrate both!] This year has been packed with events, work, celebrations… it feels as though it has literally flown by! The same can be said for this Holiday Season! I have been quite the busy bee with Holiday sessions extending well past Thanksgiving! I am beyond grateful for all of my new and recurring clients and have tons of photos that I can’t wait to share! I thought I would start out with a beautiful beach session…

I had so much fun photographing this little guy and his beautiful mom- who is just the sweetest and happiest person I have ever met! We met at a gorgeous, dog-friendly, beach down in Rancho Palos Verdes and patiently waited for what California is known for- it’s beautiful sunset light! Before we met, Mom told me how much she loved that warm, pinky light that we get just as the sun sets so I was determined to capture it. Here are some of my favorites…






January 6, 2010 - 4:41 pm

Catalina Ayubi - I so envy the California light! Beautiful!

December 9, 2009 - 12:50 pm

Stacey - OMG!!! LOVE THESE!! You are sooooo good at your job!!! Your website is soooo beautiful!! I’m so lucky I met you!! You’ll be in our lives forever….capturing all our special moments! xxxooo

Three’s Company

These three kiddos crack me up every time I see them! I had the pleasure of photographing them again this year and they are so laid back, a complete blast to photograph, and an absolute riot! I have to admit- I was a little nervous that the age difference between everyone [one teenager, an 11 year old, and  5 year old!] might make the interaction dynamic a bit challenging to work with… boy was I wrong! These three are so connected to each other and absolutely love to hang out together- just check out the last image!




Two Sisters | Malibu Creek State Park

A few Saturdays ago I had the opportunity to do a family session at a place that is very special to me- Malibu Creek State Park. My husband and I had our very own photo session there when we got engaged, and the park holds so many wonderful memories and beautiful spots that I was beyond thrilled to shoot there myself! Once you enter the park you feel like you have left Los Angeles completely! The smell of fresh sage fills the air [it grows wild along the trail!] and you are surrounded by mountains and trees… it’s heaven!

And so was this family! They are such a close family and they certainly love to laugh! I actually photographed  little Miss M [the redhead] last year when she took part in the Little Redheads Across America cover shoot. She is an absolute doll and so is her big sister… Mom and Dad are pretty great too!