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Dad | Father’s Day 2010

He uses words like “iota” and “m.o.” [and then proceeds to explain that m.o. is actually “modus operandi”, approximately translated into “method of operation”].  He calls on a daily a basis just to say hello. He leaves funny voicemail messages with silly questions that really have no answer…. like “If a word was misspelled in […]

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A Family to Celebrate

I was so honored to photograph such a special day in this family’s life! They were celebrating their beautiful mother’s birthday and her journey throughout the years. So many friends and family came out to celebrate, including her best friend of over 50 years and her incredible mahjong playing pals…I could instantly feel the love […]

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Spring Cleaning

I never really understood the whole concept of “spring cleaning”… until this year. I have gone complete Spring Cleaning crazy! I am cleaning out every aspect of my life- my home, my office, my closet, my refrigerator… well you get the idea. Anyway, as I was cleaning out my hard drives (and archiving everything- I […]

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